The Grady Twins

Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was “2”.  I almost immediately decided to draw the Grady twins from ‘The Shining’, which probably tells you something about the workings of my brain.  ‘The Shining’ is one of my favourite horror movies because I love how open to interpretation it is, how unresolved it all remains, and how unsettling it is for those very reasons.  Those are precisely the same reasons why my husband loathes the movie.  The Grady twins are significant in the film in terms of contributing to the disturbing atmosphere and in terms of their symbolism.  I drew Danny from ‘The Shining’ for Inktober 2016 but in some ways I am surprised that I have not drawn the Grady twins in many years.  Maybe I should add a whole Shining series of illustrations to my ever-growing Art To Do list.

6 - The Grady Twins - The Shining - Art Journal Illustration


22 thoughts on “The Grady Twins

  1. Suitably sinister looking! I found twins fascinating when I was young and always wanted to be one. So many books and films featuring twins, though thankfully most not as scary as The Shining.

  2. LOVE THIS! It was always going to be a winner though, because The Shining is one of my favourite movies too… And the first time I saw it, it was the twins who scared the living bejeebus out of me! Needless to say, I’m absolutely in favour of a Shining-themed series… And I saw one of your other commenters recommending the book, which I heartily second. It’s different enough from the film that it shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of it, but some of the weirder incidental scenes from the movie will make more sense after you’ve read the book. 😀

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