Rainbow Art Journal – Masque of the Red Death

Since visiting two of Edgar Allan Poe’s former houses recently, I wanted to include something Poe-inspired in my Rainbow Art Journal.  So, still focusing on the red section, I decided to create a page inspired by the story ‘The Masque of the Red Death’.  I enjoy working with a limited colour palette and that was true of this page which is restricted to just red, black, and white.  You may have noted that I also return fairly regularly to the subject of skulls and skeletons.  I don’t think I am generally a macabre person; I just find that sort of thing fascinating.  I am fairly pleased with how this page turned out.  It was a struggle to maintain the proportions across the two pages and ultimately I failed to do so but I think the illustration still works.  Just.  I use spiral bound journals for convenience but they definitely hinder my ability with double page spreads, that’s for sure.  Still, I like the finished pages enough that I may use them as inspiration for a proper painting at some stage.

16a Masque of the Red Death

16b Masque of the Red Death


10 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Masque of the Red Death

  1. The proportions look fine and the whole painting is great! I understand about the wire center – try to avoid them, but journals without them have their own challenges. (I have started just making my own journals) A wonderful thing about your more macabre art is that it still retains a sense of fun and whimsy, which to me is a fantastic style to have.

    • Thank you very much, Ellie. I think I aim to be a wee bit macabre without being grotesque. Although I like looking at more disturbing art, it’s not what I want to create. So I’m glad you think I’m getting the right balance.

      I tend to choose spiral bindings because it makes it more flexible and portable but I think I’m going to get a journal with a regular binding that I can work in when I’m at my art table.

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