Rainbow Art Journal – Visions of Lobster and Berries

It has been months since I completed a page in my Rainbow Art Journal but the winter break afforded me the opportunity to sit at my art table while my kids played video games or otherwise kept themselves occupied.  This particular page has been progressing for a good couple of months now as I just kept adding on layers of collage and then of paint.

The background is a photo (by Yan Gao) from a National Geographic magazine depicting an aerial view of a town in Tibet.  I thought the pattern of red roofs might prove to be an interesting background to a page in the red section of my Rainbow Art Journal.  I then glued down a random face cut from a magazine, some raspberries, red butterfly wings and a lobster just to add to the red theme.  Apart from ensuring the face was central, it was all placed in a pretty haphazard way.  It then sat at that stage for many weeks until I could return to it and practice painting over collage.

15a Visions of Lobster and Berries

It is interesting to me that the face ended up so flat.  Having started with a photograph of a face as my scaffolding, one would assume that the face painted on top of it would be similar.  I suspect I layered the paint too thickly and lost all sense of there even having been a face below.  The wings and berries became a sort of headdress or headband and the lobster became a sort of outsized brooch I suppose – unless we choose to imagine that the woman is being attacked by a lobster.  I painted the lobster a more vivid red, however, so he’d have to be an undead zombie lobster attacking the figure.

15b Visions of Lobster and Berries

Not a very successful page by any measure then but I am glad to have finally completed this page after the journal being untouched and the page having been in stasis for so long.  Onward and hopefully upward.


20 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Visions of Lobster and Berries

  1. First of all, congratulations on the collage! I just can’t get the hang of it – and had another less than successful attempt this weekend. I really do like your result – the lobster is really fantastic. I prefer to imagine it attacking her. Maybe it’s the zombie influence of this blog……. ( :

    • Zombie lobster it is then! I am no good at properly curated and composed collage. I just do not have the knack for it. But this type of thing where the collage is really all just background scaffolding is an area where I do feel like I have room for improvement and might actually improve.

  2. This is obviously my husband. He likes raspberries but is allergic to lobster, so that is why her eyes are all red-rimmed from the histamines. Except for the part where you dressed her in black and made her pale and Goth, it’s him. 😉

  3. Arrrgh! Zombie lobster! It’s going to be a while before I can walk past a seafood restaurant again 😆 I actually like how this page turned out… I’m always a big fan of a red/black colour combination!

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