Year of the Dog

We had a Snow Day yesterday with schools closed and my preschool closed due to the winter storm and the bitter temperatures.  It was definitely a day for hibernation.  I tidied and read and baked and found time to work in my art journal.  My January Art Snacks box had just arrived the previous day and I was eager to experiment with the contents.  I used the Art Journal Adventure prompt as my starting point – year of the dog.  As a cat owner, that might be a bit treacherous but it has been a while since I drew a dog so I thought I should take the opportunity to practice.  My dog ended up super goofy and long and bendy but he’s playful and that is what guddling about in my art journal is all about.  It was also fun to experiment with the products in the box, all of which I liked and all of which I will use again and again.  The photos are not great thanks to the very dull lighting conditions and the fact that I was wrestling one of my cats at the time.  He definitely did not approve of this dog illustration.

1a Year of the Dog - Art Journal Page

1b Year of the Dog - Art Journal Page

12 thoughts on “Year of the Dog

  1. What a whimsical, delightful dog! Even if the cat doesn’t approve, you’ve done a wonderful job here. And I learned a new Scottish word: guddle. ( :

    • When I am quickly rattling off a blog post, I am too quick in my read through before clicking publish sometimes and forget that a word I read was in Scots. I usually take more time over these things but, with the kids being home from school due to the storm, everything has been a bit harried and rushed and “guddled” slipped through. I guess it’s educational!

  2. Wonderful drawing!!Good job! My dachshund Rusty approves too!! Hawkeye, my cat, shares your cats feelings. But then as any working artist knows you can’t always please everyone. 😉

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