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Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was Halloween.  I had received my October Art Snacks box but had not attempted the challenge of using all of the items to create art.  Since one of the things in my box was a jar of orange ink, it seemed like the subject of Halloween might be a good way to kill two art birds with one stone.  I was initially going to go much darker and creepier with my Halloween art work but – perhaps since I was drawing while watching ‘Frankenweenie’ with my kids – my creative mojo led me to draw a band of cute monsters trick or treating.  This was my first time using brush pens.  It took  a while to get the hang of how to hold them to create different strokes and widths but it was fun trying something new, which is the point of receiving a box of art goodies each month.

41 Halloween - Art Journal Page

19 thoughts on “Halloween – Art Journal Page

  1. What a fun drawing. I love all of the cool little details, like the vampire pumpkin. It’s probably my imagination, but the vampire reminds me a bit of some of the photos of one of your sons.

  2. You are such a good illustrator! I hope you get invited to draw for a writer one day -or failing that write your own story and illustrate it! A special creepy Halloween story would be right up your street 🙂

  3. That’s really impressive! The vampire looks so mischevious and the witch has such a cute, shy smile. I can’t believe they are monsters at all, or at least they must be very well brought-up ones.

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