Peach and Apple Picking

We have had such a momentously busy summer as a family that we were tempted to just let Labor Day weekend be a sludgy three day break of chilling and preparing for returning to school and work.  Obviously Mr Pict has worked throughout the summer months but the kids and I have been footloose and fancy free for the most part which means big adjustments and transitions.  So the plan was just to stay home, sort things out on the home front, prepare for the school year, and relax.  However, we could not let Summer depart without one last trip to bid it farewell.

We, therefore, decided to go fruit picking.  It is peach season here.  I adore peaches and scoff loads of them every season.  We have, therefore, established a new tradition since emigrating which involves going peach picking each year and then making all manner of peach desserts – in addition to eating them fresh.  Honeycrisp apples were also in season at the orchard.  I had to have some.  I had never had a honeycrisp apple before we moved to the US.  Indeed, a quick google tells me that it is a variety that was developed in Minnesota and has only been available for public consumption since 1991 so it is a fairly new variety.  I love them.  I was always someone who ate green apples as I like my apples to be a little tart and definitely firm.  I rarely ever ate red apples because I hate the floury, powdery texture that so many of them possess.  Honeycrisps are like the best of both worlds – firm and the right balance between tart and sweet.  So juicy too.  Yum.  But also very expensive when bought in grocery stores.  They are so expensive, in fact, that I rarely ever treat myself to honeycrisp apples as I cannot justify the chunk of our food budget.  My in-laws actually gifted me a box of honeycrisp apples for Christmas last year.  At the orchard, however, the apples were a fifth of the per pound price it would cost me in the store.  Yes!

2017-09-04 13.14.18

2017-09-04 13.14.54

2017-09-04 13.15.36

2017-09-04 13.16.12

2017-09-04 13.51.00

2017-09-04 13.51.55

So we picked peaches and honeycrisp apples until we had full pails of each.  It was the perfect way to round of the summer – picking fresh fruit and baking cosy desserts.

21 thoughts on “Peach and Apple Picking

  1. It looks so fun. I wish we had peaches around here. It’s so dry and everything is dead. I feel that same way about red apples; I hate the floury, powdery texture. I’ve forced myself to eat them since I make my son take them to lunch, but you’re right about their texture.

      • Oh, no, just central Texas, which is always in a drought (except for the couple of days from Harvey). But now the grass is all dry again and no one is going outside. But a cold front will drop it tomorrow 10 degrees! I can’t imagine being in Montana, where the fires are! We had one in 2011 that spread to two blocks behind us and we had to evacuate.

      • We were close to a massive fire in Utah over the Summer. It was causing us anxiety and we knew we could always evacuate and lose nothing in doing so. It must be terribly stressful to live in an area prone to forest fires.

        I hope you didn’t experience any damage from Harvey.

  2. When I was very small, maybe 4 or 5 years old or so, I remember visiting my grandparents in Illinois and we went peach picking with my great aunt along also. Picture two older ladies circa 1963 in rayony print dresses, one very plump, one skinny, both short, on ladders picking peaches, while I ran around the bottom of the tree and my grandfather watched in amusement. So I love to hear about picking fruit, it always reminds me of these times I had, and your family looked like they had fun, too.

    • The combination of peaches and the description of your female relatives makes me think of Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge – with much better personalities. I’m glad my post reminded you of happy times. Fife, where I grew up, is famous for its soft fruit so I grew up berry picking and have wonderful memories of full bellies and red and purple strained lips. I’m hoping my kids look back on these times with the same fondness.

    • We have a three month long summer break here. It is definitely a challenge to keep everyone busy, stimulated, and not knocking lumps out of each other for that length of time. Six weeks off in Scotland used to feel long. I never imagined we would be able to spin out summer fun for twice as long. This summer, however, we have been so incredibly busy that it really did feel like it whipped by.

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