Tie Dye Fun

Between our own road trip out west and the grandparents taking a brace of boys on a brace of vacations, we have not had a huge amount of time this summer for group activities.  It is for that reason that I did no run a summer project this year.

One group activity we did do, however, was tie dying t-shirts.  We decided to work outside so that we reduced the risk of staining things we did not want to dye and essentially reduce my stress levels.  Since we have done tie dying before, this time I felt able to let all four of the boys take complete ownership of their shirts and complete the process for themselves from beginning to end (though I did do the laundry stage).  My youngest son needed a bit of help with getting the elastic bands around his spiral folded shirt but otherwise they all worked independently.  My oldest even decided to go for an ombre effect which was a style we had not attempted before.

2017-08-10 11.33.20

2017-08-10 11.38.19

2017-08-10 11.42.53

2017-08-10 11.46.26

Predictably, we did make a bit of a mess but that may have been because we were outside and knew we had the freedom to be a bit more lax.  Blasting the patio area with a hose was all it took to make the dye puddles disappear, however.  I think we will definitely do all future tie dye outdoors.  I think the kids did a great job with their t-shirts and they seem pleased with what they created.

2017-08-24 12.33.13


14 thoughts on “Tie Dye Fun

      • My husband has massive feet (a US 12) so we are not there yet but our oldest son is now an 11 and may still have a growth spurt left in him. Luckily they only need trainers for school which does them for the regular day and gym class so they get away with one pair each. But, yeah, I could do with mugging a leprechaun for his gold.

  1. Wow, what a fun summer project! Their t-shirts turned out great! Tie dying t-shirts was something I wanted to do as a kid, but alas, it never happened. I did grow up in the 80’s, though, so I suppose you could just as easily go out and buy one already done–which isn’t nearly as fun. 🙂

    • It’s really good that one, isn’t it? As you can see, my son did the technique of painting the dye onto a very wet t-shirt. Another ombré effect involves suspending the wet clothing in a bucket of dye so that the pigment gradually tracks up the garment.

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