This week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was provided by my friend Jana.  Jana has a way of creating wonderfully curated collages with mixed media elements and lots of visual texture.  She produced one such piece as her exemplar for her guest blog post.  I aspire to put together collages as wonderful as the ones Jana produces but I am not there yet.  I don’t have a collection of ephemera to riffle through either, just random papers.  I, therefore, decided to use Jana’s page as jumping-off inspiration rather than strictly adhering to the prompt.

I did technically start the page with a collage but it was just a case of roughly adhering some book page scraps to the journal page and then knocking the whole thing back with a layer of white acrylic.  I loved the colour scheme in Jana’s collage so I too opted for a palette that was monochromatic and neutral with a pop of red.  What I was really taken with was the use of stitching as a mark-making tool.  I am not someone who has much skill or ability with fabric arts or textiles and my sewing skills are limited to hand-sewing and are very basic.  I, therefore, would not normally think to add stitches to my art journal pages but that was precisely why I wanted to do so in response to this prompt.  I really enjoyed it as a different way to add marks to the illustration and what it contributed in terms of a different visual texture.

35c Stitches

35d Stitches

19 thoughts on “Stitches

  1. Great piece! The sewing adds such a wonderful dimension, figuratively and literally. You might want to think about including something like this in more of your work because it turned out beautifully.

    • Thank you, Ellie. I often include marks in my work that look like little stitches so I think maybe I will add more actual stitches to my work from now on. I like the tactile quality it provides. The only downside is it wrecks the other side of the page (and I use both sides in my art journal) so I need to figure out a way to use those reverse pages with all the knots and stitches showing through.

  2. I like how you have used the stitching here very much. Your ‘you’ style is just getting better and better it is so exciting to watch! I wonder if stitching is a ‘thing’ at the moment, I made a paper quilt, just to use up all my scraps, but with faux stitching. I am turning it into cards rather than a journal page though ……

    • Thank you. I often use marks in my work that look like faux stitching – though I have always seen them just as dash marks – so maybe it is a thing at the moment. When I drew the figure, I had planned to place something in her hands and then stitching it in place, like a sewn piece of collage. However, I could not make a final decision over what to place in her hands so I just started stitching a bit aimlessly but I rather like how it turned out.

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