Selkie – Art Journal Page

This week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was to take inspiration from mythology, folk stories, and fairy tales.  If you are thinking to yourself that the prompt seems right up my street that is because it is.  Precisely so in fact.  That is because I was asked by Bonnie and Barbara to be a guest artist this week.  I was flattered and honoured to do so and, of course, that meant it was up to me to choose the prompt.  You can find my post on the Joggles blog here and that outlines my process, illustrated with photos, in creating this art journal page.

I chose a selkie as the subject of my art journal page.  Selkies are creatures from my country’s mythology (and that of Ireland) and I grew up hearing tales of seals that could transform into people, of stolen seal skins, and wives who fled back to the sea.  I draw them quite often and have featured art work inspired by them twice on my blogs: once as a mixed media painting of a selkie in seal form and once in my altered book of monsters.  I think this is my favourite of the mixed media selkies I have painted so far.

Week 33 - Selkie21

Week 33 - Selkie23b

23 thoughts on “Selkie – Art Journal Page

    • Yes! It definitely got in the way of the flow when I was doing the printing. I usually just get stuck in and work quickly when monoprinting. However, I am now wondering whether being forced to slow down was beneficial and perhaps created a better outcome. It was easier to take process photos with the painting of the selkie as I was working on her in short bursts anyway.

  1. Gorgeous!! And thanks for your comment! I went to respond, and then tinkle tinkle, fumble fumble, I somehow deleted then trashed your comment!>:!:>!>!!!>!>??! What is even happening to me!!??? Can you please write it again? I couldn’t even undo my stupid accidental deleting! Whoops! Love your journalling, I am thinking more art for me soon too! 🙂 xxx

    • Me? No. Not at all. I’ve no idea how I have as many followers as I do or even if my number of followers is average or below average. I don’t pay much attention to that as I blog because I enjoy writing and sharing and interacting. It’s not like I’m promoting or selling anything so I blog just for pleasure. I read and comment on others’ blogs and I always reply to comments left on my blog. I’m sure that helps. Otherwise I’ve no idea.

      • Thanks Laura! I am the same. I blog just for pleasure too. And I comment and reply to everyone too. 🙂 Blogging is great. I love it.

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