Sketchbook Project

I recently registered to participate in the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project.  This will be my first time of participating it and I am eager to embark on a new challenge.  My sketchbook has arrived so now I just need to get drawing.  I will be blogging about my drawings as I complete each page but will be doing so over on my art blog, Pict Ink.  I will also be sharing the completed illustrations on Instagram.  Yes, I finally set up an Instagram account.  I am excited to have a totally new art challenge and hope you will hop over to my other blog to follow along.

2017-08-08 13.43.48


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project

  1. Nice! I’ll make sure I’m following your other blog, and I thought that was you popping up on Instagram… Thanks for finding me! It’s a lovely sketchbook they’ve sent you to fill as well 😀

    • Thanks for following both blogs. I’m still finding my feet with Instagram. It’s not as idiot-proof as I apparently need it to be. The sketchbook is a nice size – portable and not intimidatingly thick. The paper could be better, as I’m not sure it will take a beating from liquid media, but I’m just going to adapt to it rather than replacing the paper. I’m hoping to make a start on it today. I feel like once I get ink on one page I will stop procrastinating and will get into it.

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