Red Herring

An Art Journal Adventure prompt that I missed while on vacation was “Mystery”.  I liked how vague that prompt was as it let my creative imagination wander around all sorts of possibilities.  Since I was on vacation with no art supplies, I also had time to mull it over.  By the time I sat down at my table to create something in my art journal, I had decided that my response would be on the subject of “red herrings”, those distracting clues in many a mystery novel or movie.  I decided to make the metaphor literal and illustrate a can full of red herring.  Of course, my fish do not resemble herring and are just the product of my imagination but I think the allusion is clear.

26 Mystery

6 thoughts on “Red Herring

  1. I suspect that most people are like me and don’t have a clue what a herring looks like. I love your wonderful red herrings, Laura, and especially the different scale patterns on the fish..

    • Thank you. It was rather relaxing just filling in those shapes on the fish. I could, of course, have googled to see what a herring actually looks like but I didn’t want my creativity to be crippled by trying to draw a recognisable herring. This was much more fun.

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