From the Ashes

One of the reasons I enjoy participating in Life Book is that it exposes me to different techniques, media, and approaches I may not have stumbled across or thought of one my own.  This lesson with Jamie Dougherty was one such example.  Had I not watched the video, I may never have thought to turn ash into paint.  You can see the ash layer was used in the torso of the figure I painted.  The whole idea of taking ash and turning it into something new suggested the flame colour palette for the rest of the piece.  I am actually really pleased with how this piece turned out.  I have managed to find a comfortable balance between my illustrative style and using mixed media techniques.  It just feels quite “me”.  I may not use ash in my art work again (aside from the messiness, it had my kids turning into pyromaniacs) but I am now inspired to think about other things I might be able to transform into paint.

28 From the Ashes

13 thoughts on “From the Ashes

  1. For some reason, this makes me think of a technique I use in clay – you impress coffee grounds into a slab of clay, and it burns out in firing, leaving pockmarks. I guess it is the fire aspect that brought this to mind, because you are adding rather than subtracting, but it made me think of how transformative it is to use materials that don’t “belong”. I like what you did here and I love the ash effect.

  2. This is one of your best, Laura. Her expression and hair are great, the background is just right, and the ashes in her dress – would never have imagined it, but what great texture it gives.

  3. This has be one of my favourite pieces of yours ever, Laura! I love everything about it – her expression, her hair and the colours you’ve used all just sync up perfectly. Plus it has a sort of “flow” to it, as if you had a really good time painting it! I hope she’s going up on the wall!

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