Rainbow Art Journal – Poppies

I turned another page in my Rainbow Art Journal and decided to do another two page spread.  I am still in the red section of my journal and thought of poppies.  I didn’t want to use a monochromatic palette so decided to incorporate some grey and green too but I probably used too much of those and not enough red in the end.  Not being very adept at painting flowers, I created the poppy blooms from clippings from magazine pages collaged onto the background.  I am pleased with how the hands turned out but otherwise I think this is one of the “blah” pages in my art journal.

13 Poppies


21 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Poppies

  1. What are you talking about, crazy woman? I love the poppies. I love the “pop” of color. I think she was walking down the aisle and her bouquet of poppies exploded.

  2. Laura you’ve done it again! You’ve made something that again causes me to wish hard that you would fill 24 canvases (1 a month over the next 2 years) and have an exhibit, or publish a book. I also wish to give you a magic bean that would speak regularly in your ear over the course of those years: “Nothing has to go right today” or “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first” or “There is no failure; only feedback” or “I will let go of self-criticism while in the presence of my art materials” or best yet “My innermost thoughts are worth good quality art materials”. Or barring a magic bean in your ear – a set of post-it notes on your bathroom mirror with these slogans written on them! You are so talented Laura! The world needs to see your work all in one spot. Just create it. You don’t have to tell your audience you think it’s “blah” or anything like that – your audience may like your art (and seeing the comments on your blog they do!) – so let them have their opinions. Accept them. Respect them. Fyi: It is perfectly okay to use magazine pages like this – you can use whatever you like – as long as your idea is put out there. I agree with Kerrey above “what are you talking about crazy woman?” the poppies are awesome! There. Sorry about the long rant. Feel free to whip me with a wet spaghetti noodle.

    • Ha ha! No pasta whips required. I squats appreciate and value your feedback and great pep talks. I DO need those magic beans. My inner critic is way too loud and domineering. Lack of confidence in my ability definitely holds me back but encouragement via this blog is definitely helping.

      • Glad my pep talks may be of some help to you! My inner critic would like to be too loud and domineering too – and was once upon a time – but I got better at doing creative stuff anyway and saying to my inner critic: “Not now, I’m busy. You’ll get your turn to talk later.” Then I focused on mixing my colors (or whatever). I repeated that mantra as often as needed… 😉 Btw. I still have a phrase taped to my studio wall that says “Focus on what you’re doing instead of how well you’re doing it”. It’s still useful.

  3. Laura I just showed your art piece above to my wife – and she said “Wow. Laura should use good paper!” (That sage advice was given to me by my wife some 20 years ago and it has stood me in very good stead.)

  4. OH YES!! Red and lime green is one of my all-time favourite colour combinations, so this piece was always going to be a winner for me. I love the idea of collaging the poppies in as well, it captures the papery texture of the petals better than paint would! It also seems like I haven’t dropped in with you in aaaaages, so I’m looking forward to catching up with your latest posts!

    • Thank you. I agree about the colour combination being pleasing. I think the piece would have been better with less grey though. But art journals are all about experiments so it’s all good.

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