Rainbow Art Journal – Firebird Woman

I generally try to make do with the art materials I already own but a couple of months ago, armed with a 60% off coupon and a Michael’s gift card, I had a bit of a splurge.  I thought I could indulge myself since I was paying next to nothing from my own coffers so I bought a set of Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus watercolours and a pack of Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers.  I had been coveting the Hydrus watercolours for a while.  Since I like to use liquid media very wet but also like the pigment to be punchy and bold, I had a feeling the concentrated watercolours would really appeal to me.  The Mermaid Markers were new to the market but I thought they might make for a good portable art supply and treated myself to them too.

Despite being a hyper organised control freak, I am not one of those people who makes up palette cards for each medium they own.  I tell myself I will make time to do it and yet somehow I just never do.  I did, however, think that my Rainbow Art Journal might be just the place to make a record of some of my media and what the colours look like on paper.  This page in the red section of my Rainbow Art Journal is the first of these.  The product name of the Mermaid Markers initially gave me the idea to illustrate a mermaid; however, I had just been listening to Stravinsky’s Firebird the day before so I decided to draw a sort of harpy, woman-phoenix hybrid, using the markers and some of the Hydrus paints. I worked quickly and loosely as a challenge to myself and because I really wanted to focus on playing with the media.  The mermaid marker is super juicy and richly pigmented.  If all the other colours are the same then I can definitely see those being a handy portable art resource.  The Lobster colour is a bold primary red so I used a lot of that in this illustration.  The hydrus colours added a bit more variety as the cadmium was a red leaning towards orange and the rose had a little blue in it I think to make it more purplish.  The three reds, therefore, provided me with enough variety on this page that I did not feel the need to add any other media except for a little black ink for details such as the face and the talon fingers.

12 Firebird Woman

19 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Firebird Woman

  1. Thanks for a bit of a review on the Dr. Ph Martins and the Mermaid Markers. Your painting turned out really well – who doesn’t love the Firebird?!- and I’m glad to see how the reds mix. I bought the markers a while ago but haven’t opened them yet – I use some aqua markers filled with Dynaflow inks (actually fabric dye). I have been thinking about the Hydrus watercolors but haven’t made the leap yet.

    • I’d been ogling those hydrus watercolours for a while but couldn’t justify the financial outlay until I had the 60% off coupon and the gift card. They are really lovely though. Super rich. I put a few drops from each bottle into the segments of an ice cube tray that has a snap on lid and then diluted them to about 50/50 and the colours were still as if I’d never diluted them.

  2. I wouldn’t want to make her angry with those talons. I just came back from a morning jog, and as I crossed a bridge of a thousand stenches, I looked to the curb and I swear there was a red lobster sitting there. It wasn’t flat like a crab; it could have been a huge crawfish perhaps? But it was about 8″, and when I looked over my shoulder at it, it raised its claws at me and I laughed aloud. What the heck? We live in suburbia. Seafood are not prone to roaming the streets. I don’t take prescription drugs. So you can understand how coincidental it is for you to have posted this.

      • In clay they are always telling you to make glaze test tiles and I never did. The tedium and pointlessness of making random squares, I could not get to it. I just dove in with the colors . But, I did take pictures of finished objects to remind me of what the glazes looked like when fired (glazes, unlike underglazes, do not resemble the finished color or texture at all when in the just-applied state, so you need to understand what the final result will be). I like your idea a lot better and you also got to express something at the same time.

  3. Love how you limited the shading to reds only. That would have been very challenging for me! Yay for the new art supplies! I just bought some distress oxide inks and can’t wait to give them a try.

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