Til Death Do Us Part

Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was connected to the old wedding tradition – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  I liked the challenge of it really being four prompts rolled into one and the possibility of interpreting it either literally, piece by piece, or connecting it to marriage traditions.

I actually started with the “borrowed” element.  I decided to borrow an idea from my kids and asked them for suggestions based on the prompts.  One of them suggested an illustration of a bride and groom and one of them suggested zombies so, of course, I had to mash up those ideas and illustrate a zombie wedding photo.  My something “old” was my art journal as this was the very last page of my current art journal.  The something “new” was the fountain pen I used for drawing because I have only had it for a few months and have not used it much for drawing.  The choice of watercolours was the obvious answer to the “blue” part.  I certainly enjoyed drawing zombies again but I also think the end result is rather fun.

23 Til Death Do Us Part - Zombies

23 thoughts on “Til Death Do Us Part

    • Thank you, Michael. I used to draw zombies regularly but then I set myself the challenge of drawing zombies for an entire year and that led me to switch off from zombies for a while. Now I feel like I’m ready for more zombies again.

  1. Move over Edward Gorey! 🙂 Good use of color, line, pattern and contrast! Love the humor of it! I can see you doing a series: how the zombies met, what their first dates were like, how the proposal happened, the wedding planning…. Lol!

    • Thank you for the flattering comparison to Gorey. I may embark on another series of zombies at some stage but not this same pairing as I know from experience that I tire too readily of drawing the same thing over and over.

      • I hear you regarding being tired of drawing the same thing again and again – I have that trouble too. I’ve found it helpful to think in terms of “cohesive themes” when creating a series rather than repeating characters as the series mechanism. That method also works with my “short bursts” techniques. Anyway, I think your zombies are charming and I hope you’ll somehow find a way to do a series of them – a coordinated sequence or collection of them.

      • Glad to hear you can do cohesion and themes! My 6 year stint doing an on-going comic strip with repeated characters was some of the most challenging work I’ve done… then I discovered “themes” along with other “sorting-series” methodology and never looked back! Lol! All the best to you!

  2. YES! More zombies please… Well, as long as you can keep drawing them without driving yourself crazy. I love how this turned out… Their expressions are priceless, and the paint spatter makes it look like a vintage photo, too!

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