I had to diverge a fair bit from last week’s Life Book lesson.  The lesson was taken by Effy Wild and was a bit too “art therapy” for my taste.  I definitely appreciate the therapeutic function art and other forms of creativity can and do play in people’s lives but it just isn’t for me.  For me, art is cathartic just through the act of creating, the calm space it creates in my busy life.  I don’t use it for delving into deep feelings or processing them.  While I opted out of that aspect of the lesson, I did enter into the spirit of working intuitively.  I consciously chose to work in shades of green because it is a colour I don’t often reach for and maybe that woodland palette is why what emerged on the page was a female figure sporting antlers.  The antler thing has been happening a lot lately.  I have no idea what that is about or what it might represent.  I’ll just go with it.

23 Antlers

14 thoughts on “Antlers

  1. Those shades of green are wonderful – reflecting the beautiful greens of the trees and other foliage this time of the year. She looks quite at home wearing antlers! [Maybe that’s a nod to your Scottish heritage. Aren’t deer and stags a symbol of Scotland? Or maybe just single malt scotches. ( : ]

    • Rampant lions and unicorns are the official beast symbols of Scotland but you are right that deer are very much associated with Scotland because of hunting on the big estates. I think the more I rumble this around in my head, the more I think it is simply that I love to be out in the woods experiencing that type of nature.

  2. I was prompted to look up deer women and antlered women (if any) and found lots of interesting things. One that I really liked (maybe because it is associated in my mind with tree branches) is that the deer has a spiritual connection, with its antlers reaching up to the sky. Apparently deer turn into women to escape being hunted, too (I guess it is women deer to women, I have the feeling myth would not look well on a man taking that double step toward “weakness…”, but that is just my thought). Anyway. Interesting to think about and – I like your deer woman, especially the deep green and the stylized vegetation around her as well.

  3. There is room for art to be many things to many people, and that said (and also loving Effy) I too don’t want art therapy in my studio. But I will tell you a bit about the book I am writing about making art. When a series starts — a strong pull to paint something I don’t understand — I don’t talk about it, share it, and even my husband knows to ask me if he can comment. The commenting and talking about take me out of the deeper process of the unknown attractions. I think westerners have trouble sitting with the unknown, especially if we want to share our work, and I am superstitious about my Muse and what s/he wants when s/he wants me to do this or that… Maybe I am being too vague!

    • Thank you for your interesting comment. I have never thought about the idea that interrogating and critiquing my art might detract from the process. I have always done the self-critique thing on the basis that it may lead to growth.

  4. I like this creature! It almost wants to be an illustration for a story! Oh, and I agree with you what you say re: “art therapy”… and re: doing whatever leads to positive growth 😉

  5. I love the beautiful rich greens you’ve used – you should reach for them more often! And the flower heads give this a fresh summery feel. I think you’ve taken this prompt and really made it your own!

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