Create Something Every Day

It took me a full week of working in short bursts to complete last week’s Life Book lesson.  I know I frequently mention how busy my schedule is but last week was truly, utterly, completely ridiculous.  I needed teleportation or cloning skills to make it work.  Since I don’t possess superpowers or ethically questionable advanced science skills, what I did instead was rush around, stress myself out, and try to reconcile myself with the fact that I would have to drop some really very important commitments.  It really ought to have been a week when I accepted that there was zero time for art but I decided that I might risk imploding if I did not have some small gobbets of art time to aid me in decompressing throughout the week.  Across seven days, therefore, I gradually added to the piece, little by little, in the tiny rations of available free time I had.  The quality of my work may have suffered as a result but it may just have prevented me from spontaneously combusting from stress.

The lesson was taken by Vicky Papaioannou and involved created a whimsical sort-of self-portrait that conveyed a message about creative ideas, energy, mojo flowing from the creative person.  My sort-of self-portrait ended up being a much younger, slimmer, more attractive me but I think there is enough of my features and proportions in there for it still to be a “selfie”.  What is artistic license for if you can’t make yourself much more bonnie?  My creative flow is represented by the hair – also a fudge of reality since my hair is not that long and is salt-and-pepper rather than black.  I added a pen, pencil, and paintbrush to the hair by way of illustrating my creativity and stamped the phrase “create something every day” onto the figure’s torso – going horribly wrong with the stamping since I smudged the lettering.  Never mind.  I think the phrase was quite apt given my context.

21 Create Something Every Day


19 thoughts on “Create Something Every Day

  1. This is wonderful. You have certainly captured your essence here. Including having the words as part of your body, because they are part of your – essence. I love this portrait.

  2. I like everything about this – the color, the drawing, the words, everything. And I think it’s a great selfie!! Good on you for taking some time to have a bit of art – I think that it really does make a difference in a day, even when there is absolutely no time for it. I hope your schedule will settle down now – maybe the school year is ending?

  3. I call all my portraits of myself or friends ‘soul portraits’ not meant to be reality – a camera can do that for us – but meant to convey who we are in a less tangible fashion…… Perhaps that is what you have done here.

  4. Bonnie indeed. It’s like you’re wrapped in a warm, blue Snuggie. Also, my eyes read “somethong,” which is quite a different matter. Now I see the “i”.

  5. This is absolutely wonderful!!! I love the mood you achieved via colors, shapes and form! Exciting movement and verve!! Excellent!!! Also delighted to see that the technique of “short bursts” of creativity spread out over a week seems to be working for you!!!

  6. This is a lovely piece of work, Laura… I especially love the flow of her/your hair. That’s how I like to pretend mine looks when it’s long too (it never does)! I’m actually amazed at how consistent your art style must be… If I were to grab snatches of time here and there, the result would be really bitty and incoherent!

  7. “Create something everyday” I may steal that and use it as my mantra. I’m also in complete agreement with you on the uses of a creative license lol. Nice post!

    • The phrase is not original to me so feel free to steal. I do find that even small, daily rations of art time or some other creative endeavor (such as cooking a more complex meal) help me feel more like myself.

      Thanks for visiting, commenting, and following. I appreciate it.

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