Minimalist Abstracts

I was so happy when I viewed this week’s Life Book lesson because I knew I could actually get my response completed within the week and that, in turn, motivated me to find the free time required.  The lesson was taken by Melissa Dinwiddie and her ethos was all about being playful and getting the creative juices flowing by working on quick, minimalist pieces.  Further, the media used were ink and watercolour which are comfortably within my wheelhouse.  The lesson still presented a challenge to me, however, in that I don’t find I have an instinct for abstraction generally.  I, therefore, decided to work with my non-dominant hand in order to ensure that my mark making was loose.  It was a whole lot of fun and very relaxing so in the end I created four pieces, each measuring 4.5 by 6 inches.

19 Ink and Watercolour Abstract 1

19 Ink and Watercolour Abstract 2

19 Ink and Watercolour Abstract 3

19 Ink and Watercolour Abstract 4


15 thoughts on “Minimalist Abstracts

    • Thanks, Ellie. It’s a good exercise to draw with the non-dominant hand ever so often, even with observational drawing, but its purpose here was just to keep my mark making loose and stop me being too purposeful.

    • My only decision initially was to take a line from one side of the paper to the other and then I didn’t really put much thought into it. I knew I wanted to create shapes I could fill with colour so I wanted enclosed spaces but that was about it as far as conscious thought goes.

      • Thank you. And I hope you’ll do more abstract work. I think you have a feel for it, from these images. I am reminded of some of your other pen and ink work that’s representational in the way the lines flow, but then you went very confidently into carrying out what the image you were making seemed to want to be( I am not sure that I am making sense) not faltering. Yet your style is very clear in them. Just great.

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