Flying Pig

Miraculously, I managed to complete this week’s Life Book lesson before the weekend.  It was one of Tamara Laporte’s lessons on illustrations and whimsical characters, in this case an animal character.  I had to improvise with the media used and opted for watercolour and collage.  I went a bit too crazy with the background but I think I just about get away with it.  My chosen animal was a pig simply because I really like pigs.  It isn’t totemic, some sort of spirit animal, but just because I think pigs are smart and adorable.  I added wings for an additional touch of whimsy.

17 Flying Pig


19 thoughts on “Flying Pig

  1. The last thing I watched at midnight before falling asleep last night was “The Vet Life,” and the pot-bellied pig wouldn’t stop “humping chairs,” so they had to get him fixed and de-scent him, so I have mixed feelings about pigs today. Although I will say that he wagged his long tail like a dog. It wasn’t corkscrew at all. Yours is a female, so she doesn’t molest furniture.

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