House on the Green Hill

The Art Journal Adventure prompt for last week was to use horizontal and vertical elements.  Perhaps it was because I had recently been reading Dylan Thomas’ poem ‘Fern Hill’ to my 11 year old son but the idea of horizontal and vertical lines automatically made me think of fields in a verdant green landscape and a little house nestled beneath a hill.  The idea seemed simple enough but it literally took me a full week to take the page from inception to completion.  Each colour of acrylic in the patchwork landscape represents a quick burst of art action in my daily schedule.  Worked on in such short bursts here and there throughout the week, it took an awfully long time for the page to fill with colour.  Thankfully, once all the painting was done and dry, the finishing touches were completed quickly.  That was just the case of doodling with paint pens while watching the news and drinking a cup of tea one morning.  It was those little details that pulled the page together and made it a coherent, stitched together quilt of a landscape rather than a chaotic mish-mash.

13 Green Hill Landscape

26 thoughts on “House on the Green Hill

    • Thank you for that sweet compliment, Kerbey. This is actually a very different style for me, kind of folk arty, and landscapes usually are not my thing either. However, that is precisely what my art journal is for – exploring new things and experimenting.

  1. This is your best yet Laura!!! Great job!!! I’m thinking that working in short-bursts over a span of time was a good thing for you re the development of this piece! I see more detail, more planning, more va va voom!!!! Way to go!!!

  2. Oh wow, you​ should do landscapes more often! This is probably my favourite piece of yours this year so far… I love the colours, and it’s taken you in a slightly different direction while still making use of your enviable illustration skills. Nice one!

    • Thank you! Landscapes have never really interested me as a subject for me to draw or paint. I always tire of them too easily. I really enjoyed creating this one, however, and think I will try this style again.

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