Wonky Home

Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was “Home”.  That can be interpreted in many different ways, physical, emotional, geographical, and it is a theme that has cropped up a few times in my art journal since I started keeping one a few years ago.  This time, however, I decided to keep it super easy and just draw a house, just a quick and simple illustration without putting too much thought into it.  Partly this was so that it would be a challenge to me to work more intuitively and not get so trapped into my head trying to get an idea in my mind’s eye to appear on paper; partly it was because I was so short on time and so this drawing was done, from start to finish, in a mere twenty minutes courtesy of two pre-inked fountain pens (the inks being Noodler’s Bulletproof and Lamy Pacific Blue in case you are interested).  Since I knew I could not even attempt precision, I thought I would accentuate the inevitable weird angles and wobbly lines and produce an entirely wonky house.

12 Wonky Home

19 thoughts on “Wonky Home

  1. Such a wonderful house! I am imagining the inside, too, which I know is delightful. And that ink — I love my fountain pens but rarely use blue ink (hold over from long-ago Catholic school and blue cartridges). I’m going to give them another look.

    • Funnily enough, Ellie, I’m the same way about darker blue inks. They are too institutional for me. There are lots of beautiful blue inks out there though that for me at least have none of those connotations.

  2. Glad you are noting your own recurring themes!!! What a good exercise! I find the “loosey-goosey” exercises of quick-sketch is essential to on-going good-mental-artistic-health! I keep a timer and deliberately do 20 minute or less drawings – so as to practice that skill of working intuitively and not getting “over-wrought” as I call it. You did a great job!! Keep up the good work!

    • Yes, I’ve been trying to incorporate your practice into my life so when I feel like I have zero free time but the urge to create I tell myself that I’ve got 15-20 minutes and should just get something done. I always feel better for it even when the outcome is mediocre.

      • Laura that is wonderful!!! I’m glad to hear I’ve been able to help in any way!!! I tell myself daily that “creativity is all about practice and process not perfection!” I think this about living life too – it’s about living well in this particular moment. Thanks again for telling me your thoughts… I’ll try to write a bit more about my “short practices” philosophy on my blog…

  3. I love the whale weather vane. How do you like fountain pens? I enjoy ink work, but have always used a brush or nibs. Fountain pens seem so beautiful to work with (albeit expensive).

    • Thank you. Until recently, all my ink drawing was done with brush and dip pen. However, with four kids and two cats, that way of working wasn’t always convenient as I couldn’t leave my ink things out for any length of time. I also wanted something portable so I could work on the sofa or when out and about. That’s when I rediscovered fountain pens (which I’d only used to write with in the past). It doesn’t have to be expensive. My pens are all Lamys which are affordable and can be fitted with converters allowing me to use bottled ink of my choosing.

      • I just checked the Lamys out online and they seem to have great reviews. And you are right; they are not that expensive. I have upwards of 30 bottles of ink in all different colours, so I love the idea of the converters. I’m definitely going to have to try them out.

      • The other thing I love about Lamy pens is that you can switch the nibs out really easily, even with ink still in the barrel. That means that even when I am out and about I can swap from an EF to F nib using the same ink.

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