Girl with Antlers

Last week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Annie Hamman.  I really love Hamman’s paintings and enjoy watching her process but it is a style and methodology I can never get to work for me as I am neither painterly or loose enough in the way I handle paint.  I have, therefore, really enjoyed the previous Annie Hamman lessons I have worked on but I always end up with something much more rigid and controlled than the anticipated outcome.  This lesson was no exception.

I enjoyed all of the techniques deployed in the lesson, such as painting over collage and painting negative space, but I was neither intuitive or loose enough in my mark making.  That’s OK though.  That way of creating just isn’t me.  What was disappointing was that my choice to use blue for underpainting and layering up the shadows of the face didn’t dissipate enough in subsequent layers and the flesh tones ended up sallow and sickly looking as a result.  (Incidentally, the phone photo makes the colours much paler than they are in real life because the light levels have just been so dreary here lately.)  I am, however, happy with the negative painting around the antlers, the pushing back of and forward from the collage layer, and the gold of the halo.  I think this is another one of those lessons I will attempt again, perhaps in my art journal, as I liked the approach and have hopefully learned something from the underpainting oops.

13 Girl with Antlers

3 thoughts on “Girl with Antlers

  1. I think its great that you and I have both embraced our artistic styles. We love to see the outcome before we even lay down any paint or ephemera. Like you said, its OK! I totally agree with that. It is comforting to know what we want and do our pages/projects/ exercises in our own way. Accepting and being comfortable in our style makes every work we very close to our hearts and the memory of the process lingers for a long time. We have ups and downs but that is expected in the journey. I have not seen the lesson but I love the different patterned papers you used to signify mark making and the predictable marks you incorporated helped a lot in blending everything together.

    • Thank you for this awesome feedback, Carrie. I really appreciate it. You are right about embracing our own styles. I finally feel like I have my style down to maybe two or three modes rather than it being all over the place.

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