Rainbow Art Journal – Lady Death

Continuing with the monochrome black and white theme in my Rainbow themed art journal, I decided to challenge myself to work in white on top of black.  I did not have a subject in mind as I loaded the black acrylic on to the pages and actually cannot remember if anything in particular sparked the idea but I decided to draw an illustration of a female Death figure.  I opted against using pencil to sketch anything in so I worked directly in paint pen and gel pen to build up the figure, shape by shape, piece by piece.  The lack of pencil scaffolding meant that some of my proportions went skew-wiff (the arm on the right is too long) but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom and spontaneity of working directly in pen and piecing all of the fragments together into one whole.  I did, however, completely use up my broader tipped paint pen so I really put the tools through a work out.  It took me a few sessions of drawing to complete it but it was a relaxing activity.

7a Lady Death

15 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Lady Death

  1. Those red bows on the shoes! Great touch. And that you did it straight-on with ink is even better. The fun you had with this one is evident.

    • Thank you, Ellie. It was actually easier than it may look to put the shapes down without guidance. Apart from that arm becoming too long and the rib cage being too short, I did not make any glaring errors.

  2. I love this… she’s totally not what I was expecting when I saw the title of the post. I thought of something wispy in shades of grey and black, but this lady has pizzazz! The details in her skirt are an especially great touch!

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