Roots and Branches

For this week’s Life Book lesson, the tutor was Effy Wild.  The visual elements of the lesson were connected to some introspection but I mostly choose to gloss over the more art therapy aspects of Life Book and just focus on the art.  I also did not have time to view the video demonstrations so I relied on the accompanying PDF to provide me with an understanding of the steps involved.  As always, my finished outcome looks little like that of the tutor but I utilised techniques and approaches that she demonstrated.  I think the finished treeis reminiscent enough of a plump baobab tree that I wish I had thought of the resemblance sooner in the process and made it completely like a baobob.  It was at its core an exercise in patchwork collage and negative space.  I used bronze paint over the collage layer for the tree trunk and gold for the leaves so that it would glint in the light and because I look for any excuse to use metallic paints.  The tutor’s version incorporated text.  I wasn’t feeling that way inclined but do feel my piece lacks a focal point.  I just need to ruminate on it for a bit and return to it once I have an appropriate epiphany.

10a Roots and Branches

10b Roots and Branches


9 thoughts on “Roots and Branches

      • Yes, I can see that. I think of birds, because I like birds, and I view them as a symbol of hope and freedom and also being very tough little creatures, survivors. Like trees, just a different expression of it. But that would be if this were MY tree. I’ll be interested to see how you complete yours in your way.

  1. I like that you are playing with collage again. The lesson might be instructing you to use collage but collage is difficult and bravo for doing it. Plump tree or not it still screams….life!

    • This was a different approach to collage in that it was a very definite patchwork effect that was being aimed for. I’m usually much more random (slap dash) or much more considered whereas this was somewhere in the middle.

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