Lady Liberty Weeps

***NOTE: This blog post is about my art work.  This is not a political post and I am not inviting political discussion.  You are, of course, entitled to hold different political opinions from me and I respect that.  I, therefore, ask that any comments left on this post are similarly respectful and civil.  Any nastiness will be deleted.***


This week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was “Travel”.  Normally my imagination would be sparking and fizzing with ideas about dream destinations and bucket list travel plans or else memories of wonderful travels from times past.  However, the prompt happened to be revealed on the exact same day that President Trump issued his revised Travel Ban.  As such, my creative impulses took me in an entirely different direction.  As an immigrant, legal permanent resident in America, I felt compelled to follow that impulse.  The result is a depiction of Lady Liberty weeping.  I drew the face rapidly using black acrylic paint (having roughly mapped out only the proportions) and, once that was dried, I added some Dylusions spray ink in teal and turquoise to suggest verdigris and add some additional visual texture.

9 Lady Liberty Weeps

24 thoughts on “Lady Liberty Weeps

    • Thank you. Normally I use my art to decompress from life’s pressures and stresses so what I create rarely reflects my actual life because it’s an escape. But this week I just felt “called” to create this.

  1. Well done, Laura. It was so interesting to me that 2 nights ago, the lights on Liberty failed. Some say it was power outage, but I wonder. It was the night before International Women’s Day.

  2. I don’t get to comment on your blog posts enough but do want to say how much I like this one. There are a lot of art using the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of political commentary these days and yours is quite fine example. I love how you are using the blacks and grays mixing with the patinated colors of the statue. Plus, the style has a nice graphical look that sort of reminds me of President Obama’s campaign graphics. Political statement or not, this is nice artwork.

    • Thank you very much, Rich. The statue is such a potent symbol of so many important things that are at least supposed to be enshrined in the values and fabric of this nation. I imagine that’s why my mind leapt to it.

  3. I don’t think this is clichéd! You’ve created a really strong, striking image about a subject that is very close to home for you. I especially like how you captured the statue’s verdigris colour – awesome work, Laura!

      • Nothing to worry about, Laura. It’s your art journal and I like that you are letting go of something that is very important to you and sharing them with us. Many people share the same sentiments and most are channeling their energies on the matter in their journals too.

  4. Hi, Laura. Although this is a little late in the conversation, I just wanted to add my support for the excellent post you have published here. The image was wonderfully strong and your words carried great power.

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