Cup of Tea

Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was to use a subtle colour palette.  I like limited colour palettes so I thought it would be fun to try one that was muted and subdued.  I had some free time on Saturday afternoon which was a cold and dull day, the sort of day when I drink copious mugs of hot tea, and that became my inspiration for the art journal page – a figure holding a cup of steaming tea and a background the same colour as milky black tea.  I worked on it in stages during the course of the afternoon and it was really pretty simple and straightforward.

5 Cup of Tea - subtle-muted palette


18 thoughts on “Cup of Tea

  1. Three things.

    1) To an American, this post seems very British because a) hot tea and b) “colour” with your fancy spelling. 😉

    2) I noticed the woman’s philtrum in this one. I’m going to use that word again today and show off how high-falootin’ I am. And you can use “high-falootin’.”

    3) I love images of folks holding mugs or plates. In my kitchen, I have a frame with images of waitresses holding plates of steak, pies, or a coffee pot. It always seems so welcoming.

    • Thank you for sharing all of those great thoughts. The word philtrum does not get used often enough, does it? I agree with you about mugs and pots and platters of food being so welcoming. It’s probably one of the many reasons I am so plump. Ha ha! I shall try to use high falootin today.

  2. Lovely colors and composition. Did you stain the background papers? Or is that paint? Either way, the collage is wonderful. I also like the white and blue spatters in the background to tie it together – and remind us of warm drinks on snowy afternoons.

  3. She reminded me of how Filipino mothers look in the province in the 1930’s. As a grade school student when we have our yearly field demonstrations, especially if we were to dance traditional Filipino folk dances, we wore this as a costume. Glad that you were able to capture it in this beautiful painting. Though I guess it was not the inspiration but nonetheless I am still happy.

    • Most of the stuff I share on this blog is in an art journal so it’s neither on display or possible to sell. I have a few of my pieces framed and on the walls but not much. I worry it’s a bit egotistical to have my artwork everywhere. I sell occasionally but I’m too busy to really invest time in that and I also lack confidence to really promote my stuff. I basically do it for my own pleasure.

      • I think doing it for your own pleasure is the best reason to do it. However, if you do one day decide to sell anything, you’d probably have a few people out here in the blogosphere who would probably be interested.

        Because I take a lot of travel photos, I sometimes wrestle with the egotistical aspect of having my art everywhere. But, each piece has a different meaning to it, and there’s a certain comfort in having reminders of places I love around me. (Plus, why pay for other people’s art when you can make your own?)

      • That is a very valid perspective on displaying one’s own artwork.

        I do think of having a stab at selling online from time to time. I have been meaning to investigate obtaining a business license in order to maybe dip a toe into something like Etsy. Lack of time and lack of self-confidence hold me back.

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