Rainbow Art Journal – Faun Among Vines

I go along to an art journaling group once a month where we all work in our art journals while chatting and relaxing.  The coffee shop setting, however, is a little restrictive in terms of what sort of art dabbling can happen.  I am limited to things that dry quickly and don’t make a mess.  I, therefore, often resort to just drawing with pencils and pens.  This page was the result of one such meet up.  I had passed a deer as I drove to the coffee shop so I guess that was the germ of the idea that turned into a faun as I sketched on the page.  I added the vine frame to fill more of the page.

4 Fawn among Vines

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Faun Among Vines

    • Oooh! I don’t know. Let me know if you remember the name of it as I would love to learn more. I called this one a faun, even though technically a faun is half-human-half-goat rather than deer.

      • Found her! You’ll find her listed under the imaginative name “deer woman” on Wikipedia, and several tribes use stories about her to warn people (mostly men) about the dangers of promiscuity. I actually discovered her through the “Masters of Horror” short film that’s mentioned in the pop culture references at the end of the article!

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