Rainbow Art Journal – Grow & Thrive

This is a self-portrait of my arm.  I drew around my hand and arm to create the outline and then filled it with a mixture of white gesso and Stabilo All pencil to create and to capture the shapes and shades of my hand and arm.  After that, I was stuck.  The painting of the limb alone, surrounded by black, was too dull but I had a creative block and didn’t know what to do with it.  I, therefore, left it for a few days waiting for inspiration to strike.  I even asked some art friends for advice but I knew I could not pull off their suggestions.  In the end, I just picked up a paint pen and doodled one evening while dinner was cooking.  One of my sons said, “I see what you did there: vines instead of veins.” I wish I had been that clever but, nope, just random doodles.  The stamped words – grow and thrive – were an afterthought but I think they help pull the whole thing together.  Not my best effort but it was good to practice creating tones with the Stabilo All pencil and the gesso.

3 Grow & Thrive

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Grow & Thrive

  1. Don’t suppose you will tattoo that on your skin? 😉 Either way, it looks better than my arm. I pulled a frozen pizza out of our oven two nights ago, and the dough stuck to the rack, making my arm yank up, leaving a submarine-shaped red burn on my forearm. Vines would be preferable. Ha! But I’m putting aloe on it three times a day. I like how your son turned the doodling into something deep. Why do the vines stop at the opposable thumb? Is there room left for growth in the fingers?

    • Ooh Kerbey! That sounds sore. Those searingly hot, dry burns are the worst for pain (well, in terms of normal, everyday domestic injuries). I hope your arm feels much better soon.

      The vines stop at the thumb simply out of pragmatism. The gesso mixture was all a bit too thick and textured where I had created the shadows in the creases of the palm. The paint pen had stuttered and burped as I began to pull the vines down into the hand so I decided to quit before I made a mess. The stamped words were then added to fill some of that blank space.

  2. Whatever happened to bring it into being, its really striking, and that’s the end result. And that’s the way it is with art, we sometimes pull off in the end by the skin of our teeth, a mixture of unexplored subconscious ideas and that last little push from our magical muse, making it happen seemingly without explanation. That random doodle might’ve not been CONSCIOUS conveyance of deeper meaning but honey, you made a very compelling point with it, and I have a hard time believing that your heart didn’t mean EXACTLY what you are “saying” with this piece. I love it.

    • Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. I think what happened with this piece is that circumstances – putting it together in snatched moments of time – forced me into a balance between intentional and intuitive creativity that I often don’t find when I am trying to achieve that balance more consciously. I really appreciate you taking the time to write such lovely comments on my blog posts. Thank you!

  3. It looked like a book cover design to me when I first saw it! And a good one too! Yes, switching to another project, working on the project while doing something else are all very good creative tricks for getting “un-stuck” on a project! Good job!

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