Open Door to Happiness

This week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was to use a “door” somewhere on the page.  I did not have an immediate idea so I consulted my youngest sons, aged 9 and 7, and they had a veritable cornucopia of ideas, some of which were just super-amazing.  Unfortunately their ideas called for materials I did not have and – more critically – time I did not possess.  I have added their ideas to my long list of creative possibilities for another time but I still had to come up with an idea.  Then I remembered the copies of an architecture magazine the multi-talented Claudia McGill had kindly passed on to me and I decided to flick through those looking for images of doors as inspiration.  When I found the photo of the red doors I knew I had found my image.  I decided it would be the focal point of a grungy sort of collage page.  I added the streaks of acrylic (a little too liberally and heavy handedly) to draw attention to the door image and then spattered more of the turquoise paint to create a little more visual cohesion.  Finally, I stamped a quotation from John Barrymore on the page: “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open”.  I rather like that idea of happiness seeking one out and joy appearing when not anticipated.


3 Happiness Open Door


14 thoughts on “Open Door to Happiness

    • You do! It’s funny but I had not noticed the art in the image at all. I chose it for the red doors and the splashes of blue in the interior. Someone in the AJA Facebook group drew my attention to the art. It was serendipity.

  1. Utterly cool! This has a wonderfully loose and spontaneous look– it positively vibrates with energy! A nice grunge feel, too, which I’m partial to. Love the postage stamps and other little details. I was able to see it in extreme closeup on Flickr, and I like the strip of text which adds a nice mysterious note” “after dinner the phone rang again (and he) heard the same dog he’d heard earlier.” Damn dog telemarketers– they’re the worst!!

    Great work, Laura! You must frame some of these, and have a show or exhibit. This one’s enormously appealing. Price ’em and test the waters– give it some thought! : )

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