Rainbow Art Journal – Monochrome Beret Girl

This year I wanted to try working in an art journal dedicated to one theme.  I have worked in themes before, of course, as with my Greek Mythology drawings and my altered book that was full of monsters.  Even my first time participating in Inktober became thematic.  The difference with those, however, was that I was utilising the same techniques and deploying the same media over and over.  What I wanted to do was practice using a wide variety of media, combine them to revisit and practice the mixed media techniques I have been learning over the past few years, and challenge myself to create a coherent journal full of connected pages.  I decided to work on a really loose theme which was colour.  Easy peasy.  I bought a new journal (I like the spiral bound Cansons for their flexibility) and worked out how I would divide it between all the colours of the rainbow plus a few additional colours and black and white.  I do not have a timetable for working on this journal or a deadline for its completion.  No pressure.  I will work in it as and when time allows, maybe adding bits here and there while working on other projects as a good way to use up excess paint or bits of collage paper.  I will share each page as it is completed.

I am starting with black.  My first page was pretty simple because I grabbed the journal and worked on it while watching a movie with my kids one afternoon.  I just tucked up on the sofa with my fountain pen and drew the figure and didn’t worry about perfect proportions or angles.  It is an art journal so it is just for fun.  I added the wash of ink later that evening just to eradicate more of the white paper.  Simple.  And relaxing because it was simple.  Maybe this particular art journal will become a useful tool for decompression for me this year.

1 Monochrome - Beret Girl

19 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Monochrome Beret Girl

    • Thank you, Ellie. Whenever I have a stretch of time without art, I can feel the impact it has on managing my stress levels. That is why I am always so intent on cramming art time into every available small gobbet of time.

    • Ha ha! Thanks, Kerbey. I multi-task to a fault. I know each thing I put my mind to would be better for me devoting my soul focus to each thing in turn rather than juggling two or three or more things at once but I have this weird neurosis about not wasting time so I do multiple things at once.

      • I think so too. A little at a time is my usual schtick because of time constraints but often with an awareness of how many steps I still need to get through. This should be more freeing because I can keep adding until I decide it’s done and work on multiple pages at once, gradually building them up.

      • Yes, I think the multiple pages especially will be great, because one or the other of the selection will always call out to you, and that’s harder when there is only one thing you are working on at a time, I think. Feeling that it calls out, I mean.

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