Focus on Texture

I had decided that this year I would play around in my art journal whenever possible but without recourse to prompts.  However, some friends from my “art tribe” convinced me that I should check out Art Journal Adventure and I decided to participate in a dip in and out fashion.  I recognise that I am someone who, in my present hectic circumstances, needs an occasional poke and a prod to actually find the time to just be playful with my art and that is something that journal prompts encourage me to do.  However, I am also going to attempt a themed art journal for the first time and will dip into that when the mood and mojo arises.  From time to time, I may well incorporate the Art Journal Adventure prompts into my themed art journal.

I got off to a good start as far as being flexible with participation goes because I did diddlysquat with the first week’s prompt.  I did, however, make use of this second week’s prompt.  It was pretty simple – the focus was to be on texture.  I am not one for adding much dimension to my art work – I am definitely a 2D person – so I focused on creating visual texture as opposed to anything tactile.  I had a half-finished page in my art journal that I hated.  It had been malingering in the journal for several months but I opted not to rip it out because I rather liked the art work on the reverse side of it.  A couple of months ago, when I had some surplus black acrylic, I smeared the paint across the page.  I decided, therefore, to return to that page as the starting point for my “texture” page.  I added some torn paper collage, spatter with pearl blue paint and white paint, printing with found objects, dribble, and finally some alphabet stamps.  It was all a bit random and abstract so I chose to give it a focal point by adding the word “Focus” which is my word for this year.  As art journal pages go, it is pretty mundane and mediocre but it is a massive improvement on what was beneath that black paint so I am happy.

1 Texture

26 thoughts on “Focus on Texture

    • Thank you, Claudia. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get into the process of creating it that I don’t place much stock in this piece. I just kept adding elements in passing – literally as I passed the table. I guess it turns out that’s a successful approach!

      • Well, results speak for themselves. And, I have often used this very technique, the adding a little here and there, sometimes over widely separated bits of time. I actually think the “resting” phases are as important as the growing phases. Anyway, this obviously worked. Take a look at it in a week, when the memories of how it came about have faded a little, and I bet you’ll be very happily impressed with your work.

    • Thanks for the links, Sue. I will check those out. I’ve been keeping an art journal for a few years now. I don’t really “journal” in it as such and it tends to be impersonal but it’s a place to just mess around with creative ideas and materials and see what happens. I’ve dabbled with altering books, yes. I painted a series of monsters in a 1970s cook book (I blogged about it on my other blog – see and I have another copy of the same book that I plan to alter at some stage. I’d like to try other approaches to altering books too – maybe a bit of cutting here and there or something sculptural. I’m never short of ideas, just time.

      • Wonderful Laura!! I’m telling you that what you do is a sought after thing. I mean there are art galleries for it! One gallery that has some of my books is the 23 Sandy gallery – what you’re doing is also called “artist books”! And you do it very well!!! Loved those cook book monsters!! I encourage you to submit to the 23 Sandy gallery…

      • Heck YES people would be interested!!! I actually had to restrain myself to only sending you one link!!! I can think of a number of places your work would fit! I could fill your inbox to overflowing of recommendations about the book arts and about gallery exhibit opportunities… but that one I sent you is really the best of the best. It bears repeating – YES people would be interested in your stuff!!!!!

      • I hear you. I had similar lack of self-belief once upon a time too. It helped me to think of it in terms of a baby crying in the night; I’m warm and comfy in bed but I’ll get up and tend to baby anyway because s/he needs me. (i.e. I don’t feel certain about myself/abilities but I’ll do my art/submit my art/show my art anyway because people have said they like/enjoy/want to see my work…)

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