Collage Hummingbird

There were two lessons in this week’s Life Book course and I managed to find time to complete one of them.  The object of the lesson was to create a piece inspired by a hummingbird incorporating collage as one of the media being utilised.  I have been using collage regularly as a background or otherwise visually minimal element but it has been a while since I have used collage papers as a prominent feature so that was fun.  I used origami papers for the wing and tail feathers and then drew with activated Inktense pencils over the top of the collage in order to make it cohere with the body, which I painted with watercolour.  It’s a simple piece in technique and outcome but it provided just the therapeutic decompression I needed in yet another over-scheduled week.

2 Hummingbird Collage

18 thoughts on “Collage Hummingbird

  1. I really like this. I enjoy seeing collage used as part of a drawing or figure. I’m not much of an “intuitive collager” so this application really catches my eye.

    • Thanks, Ellie. Collage doesn’t come naturally to me either. I tend to either over-think it so it becomes too contrived or I don’t think enough and it’s just a sloppy, visually frenetic mess. I enjoy the process though so I’m going to keep working away at it.

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