I am continuing with Life Book this year.  My schedule is swamped and I struggle to find adequate free time but I felt like committing to an art course would actually compel me to carve out a decent portion of time each week for art because my art time is hugely beneficial to me.  As with previous years, the first lesson involved selecting a key word for the year in order to establish some sort of intention.  In 2015 I chose the word Balance and that actually did help me be mindful of the need to keep all areas and aspects of my life functioning and progressing.  Last year I chose Momentum.  That did not work quite so well, largely because I was trying to bring order to a couple of things I really had little or no control over and had to devote a lot of time and energy to something that was mentally exhausting and soul-sapping.  Goodbye and good riddance to 2016.

This year I have settled on the word Focus.  I feel the need to simplify and streamline my life, slough off the extraneous things that drain me and leave me frustrated and unfulfilled or at least suck up valuable time and instead invest my time and energy in the people and things that bring me joy, have value, and make my life better.  In short, I need to focus on the things that matter most and stop being depleted by the things that don’t.  Let’s see if I can manage to do just that in 2017.

1 Focus

9 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Focus is a good word to cary into 2017. I feel the same way. I also want to feel less intimidated by deadlines and at the same time build in more time away from the desk…we shall see!

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  3. I wish I had the time to take it this year. I didn’t get many of the projects completed last year so figured I better not sign up. I do love that course but just not enough time. I have a few other classes I am taking that I haven’t had time to complete yet either. 😦

    • I think that’s sensible of you. You can spend this year catching up on incomplete courses from previous years and then maybe rejoin in 2018. This year is a sort of test year for me to see if I can find time to complete the majority of the lessons. I managed last year but I was only back in paid employment for a third of the year.

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