Each Day is a New Beginning

After five weeks, I finally managed to open my art journal and create a page.  This was thanks to me actually being able to go along to my art journal meet up group for the first time in months.  I decided to use the most recent Colour Me Positive art journal prompt as my jumping off point.  The prompt was the theme of “new beginnings”.  There are a lot of ways I could have chosen to interpret that prompt, from the personal to the more expansive and profound.  I chose, however, to think about the regular beats of life, its cycles and rhythms, and the idea of each passing day being a new beginning came to mind.  I decided to illustrate a winter sunrise.  I was actually going to keep the page monochromatic, just shades of black and grey, but one of the other ladies at the meet up suggested I add just a splash of colour to the sun so I added some yellow and orange.  I cannot decide if that was a positive step to take or not.  I think maybe yellow would have looked nice against the greys but not so much the orange.  But such experiments are precisely what an art journal is handy for.

49 - New Beginnings - Art Journal Page


18 thoughts on “Each Day is a New Beginning

  1. Great interpretation. I really like the colors in the sun and it’s expansion beyond the frame. The orange border draws the eye and balances the strong pattern of the tress, so I’d say it was a great choice.

  2. Well, I looked at the lower half of the picture and liked the monochromatic, ethnic look you had given your trees, then looked at the top half of the picture and didn’t like so much the dominant sun circle – but when I looked at the whole picture there is a balance and I think the sun makes the picture go pop – I love how you raised it above the frame too.

    • Thanks, Pauline. I am honestly still not sure about the addition of colour and especially about the orange. I do, however, like all the patterns in the trees. Those were very meditative to draw.

  3. I have hit some really irritating blocks with my journal. I get so frustrated that I’m not motivated to add any entries. The longest period of time I have gone without adding an entry was an entire year 😩 I finally found a muse earlier this year and started up again.

    • I am so glad you are art journaling again. I don’t tend to do anything too personal in my art journal so it is not so much a “journal”. I think I would get blocked if I was too introspective with it. My problem tends to always be the struggle for free time rather than lacking any inspiration – though sometimes I am too tired for the creative mojo to function properly.

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