Painting Peg Dolls

The Thanksgiving break gave us a healthy dollop of uninterrupted quality family time and that afforded the kids and I the opportunity to experiment with another arts and crafts activity.  I had some little wooden peg dolls of various shapes and sizes and we each picked a few out that we customised.  We used layers of acrylic paint and finally some paint pens for the smaller finishing details.  Everyone had lots of creative fun and everyone was pleased with the results.  My seven year old made a trio of aliens, including a large gold one; my 9 year old made Flash and a Scout and Titan from the anime ‘Attack on Titan’; my 11 year old made four ninjas; my 13 year old made a trio of little characters he decided were little demons or voodoo dolls; and I made the Bride of Frankenstein, a diminutive zombie, and a figure inspired by the portraits of Gustav Klimt.

Peg Dolls 5

Peg Dolls 4

Peg Dolls 3

Peg Dolls 2

Peg Dolls 1





9 thoughts on “Painting Peg Dolls

  1. I have painted some of these same wooden people (I got them from Dick Blick and I recognize the shapes)! I am so excited to see these. They are just fantastic and as always the personalities of your kids are reflected in their work!

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