Resting Acrobat

Last week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Kara Bullock and amazingly – thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday – I was able to start and complete the piece within the span of one day.  The purpose of the lesson was to draw a full figure in a seated position with the face and hands particularly prominent in the piece.  As I am prone to do, I deviated from the lesson a little in order to a) save time and b) make it more me, but I used most of the techniques demonstrated in the lesson and kept to the spirit of the lesson.  I decided my figure looked like an acrobat as a rest so that then suggested the bold colour scheme.  I like the combination of red and turquoise so I was happy to break out that colour palette again.  While the nose got bigger and broader the more I worked on it and the hand is rather underdeveloped, I am fairly pleased with how this painting turned out – especially because I got it done and dusted in one day.

Week 46 - Seated Figure - Acrobat


16 thoughts on “Resting Acrobat

    • Thank you. It was having time off over Thanksgiving that freed up my time. No work, no taking the kids here, there, and everywhere, no commitments. I obviously still didn’t get it done in one sitting but in stages across the day. It was definitely satisfying. It annoys me to have half-finished pieces sitting around all week.

      • I hear you! I have more than a few half-finished knitting projects sitting around here in Beastie Towers! It sounds like you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving all around – I wish we’d embraced the holiday over here, instead of just the Black Friday sales!

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