Peanut’s First Birthday

When we adopted Peanut in February, we were told he was three months old.  This gave him a November birthday.  The boys – particularly my youngest two – were very keen to celebrate Peanut’s very first birthday so they organised a little celebration party for him.  Peanut and Satchi shared a can of tuna, a special treat for them, and the humans got to eat some carrot cake.  It was sweet to see the kids making such a fuss for their cat’s birthday.  I cannot believe how much Peanut has grown in the nine months since we adopted him.  He is almost big enough to fit his ears now.



17 thoughts on “Peanut’s First Birthday

  1. It seems you may have chosen to celebrate Peanut’s first birthday on the same day that Orlando didn’t celebrate his eleventh 🙂 And I have photos of my boy wearing those same outsize ears throughout his first year too……… somewhere along the line he grew into them and I didn’t really notice when. It’s lovely that your boys are able to make a fuss and carrot cake always goes down a treat! The kitties look most companionable too and that is wonderful!

    • Thank you. I think it was sweet that the kids planned birthday festivities. I never would have thought to have done so. It was also fun to see them planning an “event” since I’m normally the person who does things like that.

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