Inktober 2016 – #35 Edward Scissorhands

Next up in my drive to complete my Inktober sketchbook is this little illustration of Edward Scissorhands.  I recently rewatched the movie having not seen it for many moons.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well it holds up and I still think it is Danny Elfman’s best score.  Despite seeing the character on screen only a short while ago, I am pretty sure I have those critical scissorhands completely and utterly wrong.  It’s funny that the most iconic thing about the character design is the thing I could not conjure up in my mind’s eye as I drew him.  Despite the hands – which are probably more garden shears than scissor blades – I do think Edward is instantly recognisable from my illustration.

35 Inktober 2016 - Edward Scissorhands

21 thoughts on “Inktober 2016 – #35 Edward Scissorhands

    • Thanks, Mike. I’m pretty sure the costume is much more detailed with more buckles, straps and rivets but this was the best my memory could conjure up and was as much detail as I wanted to draw. I’m glad you like the hair. It was fun to draw.

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