Three Sisters

I actually managed to complete an art lesson this week.  I worked on this in stages while cooking dinner over several evenings so I am glad it was a project that allowed me to break it down to that extent.  The phased stages mean that I for once thought to take some process photos.  The lesson was for Let’s Face It and was taken by Angela Kennedy.  The idea was to paint a trio of female figures interlinking or interlocking in some way, subtly different but cohering through use of the media.  I used ink and watercolour only because that was what I had easily to hand and those are the media I work most quickly with.  Instead of adding detail to the figures’ clothing, I sprinkled salt on to create some interest.  I think that also helps maintain focus on the faces.  I have two sisters (and a bundle of brothers) but I don’t know that this trio are three sisters together.  Maybe three witches ready for Halloween.

Week 43 - Three Sisters 1

Week 43 - Three Sisters 2

Week 43 - Three Sisters 3

11 thoughts on “Three Sisters

    • I love that you interpret it that way, Kerbey, as I definitely saw something a bit “Other” in how they appeared. Because they were a trio, they made me think of the three weird sisters who prophesy to Macbeth. They just sort of emerged that way because I went in heavy with the grey ink and I went with it. It definitely made their eyes intense I think, the smoky grey set in the pale faces.

    • Well wow! Thank you so much for that. I’m so glad I scraped together enough time to respond to this lesson given the positive response to it. That helps motivate me to keep scraping together time.

  1. I love this! The sisters are subtly Hallowe’en-y, and I’m definitely getting a “Scottish Play” feeling from your painting. It was interesting to see the in-progress shots too! I’m glad you found a couple of free minutes in your hectic schedule for this assignment!

    • Thank you. I’m glad too. I almost didn’t start it because I felt certain it would be sitting incomplete on the easel for ages, annoying and taunting me, but I ignored some steps of the process, altered aspects of the approach to suit my own methods, and used media I’m more comfortable with and that way I could work on it over successive evenings while I was cooking dinner. I literally added the fresh tones to the faces while stirring curry.

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