Inktober 2016 – #13 Bride of Frankenstein

I went off prompt for my Inktober drawing today.  I just felt in the mood to draw the Bride of Frankenstein and so I did.  My drawing may not be an accurate portrait of Elsa Lanchester but hers was the portrayal I was aiming to capture in my drawing.  I drew this while having my morning cup of tea before the sun was even up so I kept it pretty simple.  The fountain pen mark-making in the hair is very scratchy and rough but that’s OK because she’s a monster resurrected from body parts and I am pretty sure mouldering corpses don’t have the smoothest, best conditioned hair.

13 Inktober 2016 - Bride of Frankenstein

17 thoughts on “Inktober 2016 – #13 Bride of Frankenstein

  1. I think you did everything right here, I knew who it was, right away. I love the neat line of stitching along her neck. I think you sew better than you think you do (could a Bride of Frankenstein doll be in your sewing son’s future? Fabric paints and sewing combined…hmmm)

  2. Aww how could a monster be so pretty mad up?! She does not even have a stray strand of hair! Everything in their places, thanks to maybe hair gel or slime…yep I think that’s slime work. And those luscious eyebrow, where is she going to have brows like that? And yeah, the cleft chin….was that surgically made? Oh Laura, I ‘m having a great time inventing stories from your bride!

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