Inktober 2016 – #8 Spider

I did draw this yesterday but did not get around to blogging about it.  I used the Drawlloween prompt which was “8 legs; 1000 eggs”.  I could have been more imaginative about it all but I did indeed plump for a spider, albeit one that isn’t likely to be found in nature.

My 13 year old son is an arachnophobe and, of course, now that the Autumn chill is taking hold, more and more spiders are seeking refuge in our house.  This is especially true of the bathrooms.  I am always minded to leave the spiders be.  I deal with the webs once the spiders have departed them.  I would much rather have chubby spiders in the house than flies or gnats so the spiders are my allies in that regard so, unless they are Black Widows, they are welcome.  However, my 13 year old was wigging out every time he had to go for a shower.  My 10 year old read online somewhere that conkers ward off spiders so he placed conkers throughout the bathrooms.  It was determined that this was not a solution to the problem when my 13 year old went into the bathroom and found a chunky spider sitting right on top of a conker.  I am currently trying to convince my 13 year old that spiders are just our eight-legged housemates and nothing to be worried about.  He is not buying it.

Anyway, here is my spider for the eighth day of Inktober.

8 Inktober 2016 - Spider

12 thoughts on “Inktober 2016 – #8 Spider

  1. You always have the best stories, Laura! I never would have thought you’d have a house full of arachnophobes, what with the horror/zombie movie thing. Your drawing is delightful – who wouldn’t want to share a house with that guy?

  2. I understand your issue with an arachnophobe in the house! My eldest [now a mature and responsible adult] still freaks out completely at the sight of even the teeniest little spider doing her thing. I discovered when she was a teenager that she saw them bigger and scarier than in reality. Asked to describe any spider accurately they were still x10 the size and much given to looking directly at her with malice 🙂 Is your eldest like that? Even several readings of Charlotte’s Web hasn’t changed anything. I like your spider!

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