Inktober 2016 – #6 Mr Hyde

Today’s official Inktober prompt is “Hidden” so I am sure you can understand the segues in my mind when I tell you that I chose to draw Mr Hyde today.  I painted a Jekyll / Hyde character in my altered book of monsters last year and that time I tried to fuse the two – a man who superficially looked balanced and civilized but who was monstrous beneath – but for my Inktober drawing I just chose to depict horrid little Hyde.  He has ended up looking like a hybrid of the Babadook and Dr Caligari.  My imagination, it seems, is never too far away from monster movie imagery.

6 Inktober 2016 - Mr Hyde


15 thoughts on “Inktober 2016 – #6 Mr Hyde

  1. I’m loving your monsters for Inktober and I’m learning so much – I don’t watch horror movies so I am looking up all of your references. (Well, of course, even I know Jekyll and Hyde. Wasn’t that written by your fellow countryman?)

    • It was indeed written by my fellow countryman. What’s interesting too is that despite its London setting the city Stevenson describes in the novel is very much Edinburgh and it’s “old town” versus “new town” duality supports the themes of the novel. He was also inspired by the story of Deacon Brodie, another citizen of Edinburgh…. But I digress. I’m happy to be introducing you to characters from horror movies and I’m glad you are enjoying the drawings.

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