Inktober 2016 – #2 Howl!

For the second day of Inktober, I actually referred to the daily prompt which was “Noisy”.  Even when it isn’t October, my creative mind often wanders to monsters and mythological beasts and horror movie critters.  October being the month of Halloween just intensifies that area of my imagination.  Zombies are my favourite and my best (have I mentioned that on my blog a hundred times yet?) but I am also rather fond of werewolves.  My favourite werewolf movie hands down is ‘An American Werewolf in London’ which I saw not long after it first appeared on VHS so I would have been 6 or 7.  Little movie nerd me definitely benefited from lax parenting where media viewing was concerned.  The transformation scene made a huge impression on me.  Even now, 35 years on, I still think those effects hold up.  I also love the humour in that movie and the way it counterpoints the scares and the body horror.  It’s excellent.  Everyone should see it.  So, anyway, werewolves sprang to mind when I read the word “noisy” not just because I am a horror monster fan but also because I heard foxes shrieking in the night.  When I found the time to put pen to paper, therefore, what I drew was a werewolf howling at the moon.

2 Intober 2016 - Howl


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