Inktober 2016 – #1 Pig Pen

I have been meaning to participate in Inktober for the past couple of years.  Time, my old nemesis, has somehow always undermined my plans.  This year, however, I decided that I was never going to have any more time.  Indeed, my free time is shrinking.  Instead of waiting for some magical timeturner that enables me to have more than 24 hours in every day, I decided to just jump in and try my best to whip off one ink drawing every day of October.

I probably won’t use the official Inktober prompts much.  I may not manage to blog about my ink drawing every day.  I am, however, committing to getting some kind of ink drawing onto paper every single day.  To make things a bit easier and more flexible for me, I am going to produce each drawing using a fountain pen.  If I find time, I may add some other inks using my dip pen or a brush but the basic line drawing will be done with a fountain pen.

Since today, 1 October, happens to be a Saturday, I was able to get a drawing done this morning.  It took me just a few short minutes which is encouraging as I should be able to find ten minutes in each day to just sit and draw.  The challenge now feels more do-able having produced the first drawing.  Anyway, I thought this drawing was apt for the first page in my notebook for the first day of the challenge.

1 Inktober 2016 - Pig Pen

25 thoughts on “Inktober 2016 – #1 Pig Pen

  1. Love that cute little piggy, just the perfect start to a new inky challenge. I wish I’d known about this earlier as I could have planned some activities into my schedule for October! Maybe next year! XO

    • That is what I had been saying to myself for the past two years too, Mike. “Maybe next year”. I was at that point again this year thinking there was no way I would find time but I figure with a small pad of paper and a fountain pen I can find 10-15 minutes in each day to make it work out this year. Only time will tell if I am right ….

  2. The thing about inktober is you can do little easy drawings, draw in a business meeting (no messy watercolors), in the car while waiting to pick up schoolkids! My first year was quite simple. I love your piggy!

    • Thank you. I think that is what I realised today when I decided to just leap right in. And a friend just gave me the little drawing pads so that was perfect timing too as it meant I did not even have to cut up paper that would fit in my small everyday bag.

  3. Adorable little guy! Good on you for taking the challenge – it’s a good reminder that just a few minutes is all it takes and the result is terrific.

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