Bionic Wiring Abstract

This week’s art journal page is going to take some explaining.  The Colour Me Positive prompt was “best”.  I was a bit stumped and was letting the idea of best rattle around in my head for a bit and then I thought of the idea of being the best possible version of me by being a bionic me.  Immediately I got excited about the idea of drawing me as a version of the Steve Austin.  I would be the Six Million Dollar Laura complete with a natty 1970s jumpsuit.  However, I have been doing a lot of illustrating in my journal of late and thought maybe it would be an idea to try something different.  So then I thought about just illustrating the wiring and circuitry of a bionic person.  Except I don’t get too excited about technical drawing.  So then I thought about turning the idea of the circuitry and robotics inside a bionic person into an abstract pattern.

I happened to be working on this journal page when I was with my art journalling meetup group.  We meet in a coffee shop so there are limited resources and a need to avoid making a complete mess.  I just had my travel art kit with me too which limited my options for media.  Sometimes that is a benefit though as it helps me narrow my focus and just get on with it.  This was drawn using pencil and then filled with watercolour pencil which I then activated.  Once that was dry, I used micron pens to outline the shapes again.  I liked playing with all the negative spaces and turning my circuit board idea into a sort of visual mosaic.  It was the perfect page to work on while I was with my art group as it didn’t require much in the way of concentration so then I could chat and look at other people’s art work.

I still have that Bionic Me idea rattling around in my head, however, so I may just have to illustrate that at some point.

34 - Bionic Wiring Abstract - Art Journal Page

11 thoughts on “Bionic Wiring Abstract

  1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful thought process that led to such a creative result. I laughed out loud when I read “bionic me.”

  2. Yes – Bionic Laura in a jumpsuit! America will be back on track in just a few moments 🙂 I would never have guessed your thoughts from just looking at the art piece – but, having read your process, it becomes very clear – and, like the whole idea, it is really fun!

  3. Haha! It’s amazing the leaps your brain takes when you let an idea rattle around in your head for a bit! This turned out great… Although I’m still intrigued to see Bionic Laura when you get a chance to draw her!

  4. Oh my your idea made me wonder what kind of abstract version of your Bionic Me will come out. I love the colorful bionic me that came out with a long bionic dna inside of it. I can already imagine this circuit board to be evolving in the near future with lots of bionic long arms strangling the bionic dna and producing bionic rainbow colored blood. 🙂

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