Layered Blooms

This month’s Life Book theme of Growth has meant lots of flower paintings.  I am not remotely competent at drawing flowers let alone painting them.  While this means I should probably just challenge myself to practice them, I don’t have time for all of the things I want to draw and paint so I just steer clear of the subjects that don’t particularly engage or inspire me creatively.  Recognising, however, that I have now skipped a few Life Book lessons, I decided to push myself to completing last week’s lesson.

It was taken by Roben-Marie Smith and was all about creating an abstract flower painting through layering collage and paint.  When I started experimenting with mixed media, layering was something I really struggled with.  I made a lot of mud, a lot of mess, and found it difficult to make everything cohere into one complete piece.  In recent months, however, I have found myself actually quite enjoying layering and especially if what I am aiming to achieve is a more grungy and abstract look.  I, therefore, did not struggle with the layering aspect of this piece but again the flower element defeated me.  I honestly think my 7 year old son could have done a better job of painting these flowers.  Sure, I was aiming for an abstract, non-realistic flower look but these bright blooms just look daft.  Well the lesson was worth doing if only to reinforce that I am getting better at layering and that flowers are still very much not within my wheelhouse.

Week 34 - Layered Flowers


15 thoughts on “Layered Blooms

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  2. I think they are beautiful. 🙂 The colors and the look appeal to me. Though maybe I will add more black or grey for a more grungy look. Maybe you can do a make over and put in more of you even with the layering, maybe the next try will make you like it. 🙂

    • That’s a good thought, Carrie. I think the brights on the blooms definitely need to be muted. I was thinking gesso to knock it back but maybe some black or grey grunge as you suggest would achieve the same effect of neutralizing them.

  3. I think you are being much to hard on yourself! This is a beautiful piece. The tonal range is just right and the flowers themselves are whimsical. And the layering is wonderfully done – collage is something I am still struggling with so you have inspired me (again!) to keep at it.

    • Thanks, Ellie. I do really like the layering and collage and think those were successful. It’s just the fingerprinted blooms that jar. I might knock them back somehow or maybe leave this piece as a marker of where I’m at now so I can track progress with this sort of thing in future.

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