Nothing Is Impossible

Last week’s Colour Me Positive prompt was “Possible”.  I was so busy with the kids all week that I had a few days to let the concepts of possible and impossible rattle around in my head.  Flicking through my art journal for inspiration, I had my epiphany when I saw my recent Cheshire Cat page.  Since Wonderland is all about the impossible becoming possible, I decided to draw Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  Once I finally had my idea it was fairly quick and easy to execute by breaking it down into three quick stages: drawing with a fountain pen, painting the rabbit hole with black ink, adding colour using watercolour.  The sides of the page were looking glaringly blank and I toyed with the idea of painting them in but opted to use it as an excuse to practice writing with watercolour.

33 - Possible

20 thoughts on “Nothing Is Impossible

    • Thank you. I actually have in my mind to work on a whole Alice series, a series so that the illustrations cohere. I want to re-read the book first and sketch out some ideas as I do so. And, of course, I have so many other things on the go too. But it is on my Art To Do list.

      • Next year I’m dropping down to no more than one art course and maybe none and I’m also intending to volunteer a little less in order to claw back some time for myself and hopefully that will open up time for more art projects and also some family history projects I’ve not got around to since we emigrated. We shall see but at least it’s not one of those things that’s on our “When We Retire” list.

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