Pink Girl

I missed so many Life Book and Let’s Face It lessons while I was on the road trip that there was just no way I was going to be able to catch up and get them all done – especially not with kids with me 24/7.  I, therefore, plucked out two lessons I was going to tackle from those I missed.  The first of these was a Life Book lesson with Jane Davenport.  I decided on it because the use of watercolour meant that it should not be too time consuming.

It all went wrong from the first step because I used coloured pencil for the sketching.  The idea was that this would loosen us up as we would not be able to erase and make things perfect.  After two weeks of no drawing, my draughtsmanship skills were seriously lacking.  I was aiming for a more teenage face but the face I drew ended up being a bizarre mixture of teenage features with toddler proportions.  Ugh.  No time for a do over so I thought I would plough on and see if I could improve it with the watercolour layer.  Nope. A little bit of black ink to pull it all together brought some features more sharply into focus but it was still a hot pink mess. What I do like about my painting, however, is the colour palette.  The violet, deep pink, cadmium red, and a little touch of cobalt blue are a pleasing combination to my eye at least.

Week 30 - Pink Girl 3

22 thoughts on “Pink Girl

  1. I don’t know – I kind of like the quirkiness of this face. It looks like a slightly awkward girl with a really endearing expression. Maybe not what you were hoping for, but you do really have a wonderful ability to put expression in each of your drawings. (I agree about the palette – wonderful colors!)

  2. And I like the hair too Laura, as well as the colours – all is not lost! Isn’t it amazing how quickly we lose ability – I worked for hours every day for nearly three weeks before anything began to flow again – big lesson learned!!

    • I think I forgot how much of drawing is actually akin to muscle memory. Knowing how to draught the proportions of the face should come fairly easily to me – especially had I permitted myself graphite and an eraser – but they were all over the place. I am sure I will bounce back to my former standard fairly quickly but it has not happened yet – I just produced another rubbish piece. Oh dear. Thanks for the lovely comment about the hair.

  3. I kind of like her. She us a bit weird but that’s just what she is. Don’t judge 😊. I used to be able to erase color pencil… maybe depends on paper.

    • I could lighten the lines a bit by erasing them but not enough to be disguised under washes of watercolour so I just had to go with what was there. Perhaps it depends on the brand of coloured pencil. Thanks for your kind comment.

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