Road Trip #11 – Chicago Pizza and Millennium Park

After the unscheduled trip to the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute to deal with our 9 year old’s broken arm, we headed to our hotel in Chicago.  It was our accommodation splurge so we were only staying one night.  It was ideally situated since it was in the city centre and right opposite Millennium Park.  Given that we had spent most of the day travelling and in a clinic, we had to abandon several of our plans for touring the city so the fact that the park was in spitting distance of our base was very lucky.


We had missed breakfast and lunch so were all entirely famished when we set out for the evening.  Chicago pizza was a travel priority for our 13 year old son so Chicago pizza it was.  Giordano’s had come highly recommended by a friend so we headed to the nearest one.  We were seated immediately but warned it would be a 45 minute wait for the pizzas.  We accepted that and munched on a delicious fennel and leaf salad to keep our grumbling stomachs occupied.  The restaurant was hugely busy and the waiting staff were rushing around all over the place.  We found our waiter to be surly but efficient.  Frankly, we did not care as long as our bellies got filled with delicious pizza.  It was worth the wait.  The pizza was amazing!  I have never eaten such a chunky pizza before.  It was stuffed and before too long so was I.  My 13 year old and I split a small pizza, his half being covered in pepperoni and my half being veggie.  Despite this economy, neither of us could finish our half.  I guess in our hunger we had not paid attention to the dimensions of the pizzas we were ordering.  We ended up taking a lot of pizza back to the hotel in a doggy bag and even then we could not finish it before it was time to depart Chicago.

And with that meal, I got to claim Illinois as my 28th state visited!

2016-07-22 15.52.20

2016-07-22 15.53.40

2016-07-22 15.56.18

Refuelled, we had a wander through Millennium Park.  I had devised this whole walking tour of the city centre in order to see as much public art as possible – works by Chagall, Calder and Picasso among them – but the loss of time plus the fact our 9 year old’s broken arm was making walking a little uncomfortable meant I had to ditch that plan.  Happily Millennium Park is home to some fabulous sculptures.


Arguably the most famous art installation in the park is Cloud Gate, colloquially known as the Bean, by Anish Kapoor.  It is essentially a seamless, highly polished, reflective, giant kidney bean.  Kapoor was apparently inspired by liquid mercury and I definitely think he managed to convey that idea.  It is a wonderful sculpture.  The kids were utterly mesmerised by it.  For them it was like being inside a fairground hall of mirrors.  They enjoyed seeing the way their reflections distorted as they moved around, including in the omphalos bellybutton of the bean.  I enjoyed watching the way all the people were interacting with the sculpture and studying the reflections of the surrounding buildings on the surface.  I think it is an exceptional sculpture and am very glad to have seen it for myself.







An even bigger hit with the kids, however, was the Crown Fountain.  This is another piece of public art, by Jaume Plensa, but it also functions as a video installation, fountain and water play area which makes it very interactive and massively fun.  There were two tall blocks facing each other that showed videos of human faces.  Water cascaded down the fascias of these blocks but then the human faces would form their lips into a pucker and suddenly a plume of water would shoot out of the “mouths”.  The kids were delighted.  The whole place was thronging as kids were playing in the water to cool down on such a steaming hot day.  My 10 and 7 year olds immediately joined them and were soaked to the skin within seconds.  They had a blast playing in the water. We were a little worried about the potential for our 9 year old to slip and hurt his broken arm or else get bashed accidentally by any of the hundreds of kids playing around and between the fountains but eventually he decided he was brave enough to have a paddle while holding his dad’s hand for extra balance.  It was amazing how cooling and refreshing it was just to dip our feet into.  It was so hot that evening that my wet footprint steamed when it hit the hot concrete.

2016-07-22 16.59.44







We had a bit more of a wander through Millennium Park but our 9 year old was beginning to feel serious discomfort in his arm just from the motion of walking and besides he, Mr Pict and I were all massively sleep deprived so we wandered back to the hotel for an early night and some much needed sleep.








11 thoughts on “Road Trip #11 – Chicago Pizza and Millennium Park

    • The pizza was absolutely amazing but their version of small and mine do not cohere so it was just far too much food. We took a large doggy bag but even after a second round we had lots we had to leave.

  1. We’ve flown via Chicago a couple of times but never actually spent any time in the city – I would love to though and your pictures are tempting me even more. The pizzas too – well never seen anything like them before!

    • I believe Chicago is a hub for a few of the major airlines so passing through is common in US travel but I definitely recommend a visit there. I had so many plans for Chicago and so many options for things we could do but our hiccup, of course, meant that we barely scratched the surface. I would really love to go back some time and do more. It is a lovely city for wandering around too.

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