Faces and Hands

The Let’s Face It course has left profiles behind and has moved on to depicting hands within portraits of faces.  I found full profiles pretty challenging but I think I am going to find hands possibly even more difficult.  It will be interesting to see if this section of the course helps me develop and improve my aptitude with drawing and painting hands – not hard since I tend to draw them either like Nosferatu claws or bunches of parsnips.

First up was a monochrome sketch of a face that incorporated a hand.  Kara Bullock’s tutorial demonstrated using conte crayon.  I do not own conte crayons so I pondered what other medium I might experiment with.  I have been enjoying exploring the possibilities of the Stabilo All pencil in mixed media pieces so thought I would dabble with using it solo in this sketch.

I used the Stabilo All in the same way I would use a charcoal pencil or thin stick of willow charcoal and then, when activated with water, attempted to use it in the same way I would use ink.  That methodology did not quite work out as I could not make the medium flow in the same way as I can with ink.  As a first experiment, however, I think there is potential for the Stabilo All as a drawing tool.  I like the fact, for instance, that even when activated some of the pencil like marks show through.

The less said about the drawing of the hand the better.

Week 27 - Face and Hands - Stabilo All

Incidentally, should you be interested, I am working on a challenge to create 100 illustrations of faces in ink and watercolour over on my art blog, Pict Ink.


19 thoughts on “Faces and Hands

    • Thank you for the follow on my other blog. I have the second blog for my art challenges. I did not want this first blog to be totally clogged up with art stuff so I started a secondary blog.

  1. Ug. Hands. I’ve recently started drawing and they are my bane. Proportions just keep getting weird so I get the parsnip/claw/what is that stringy thing too. This one is great, though. Good job. 🙂

    • Practice is useful, particularly life drawing. I currently make my kids hold their hands in a pose and then I do a quick gestural sketch. However, I basically just find hands and feet and to some extent ears to be difficult and very hit or miss with success. Good luck with your hand drawings. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Faces and hands are the hardest to learn – inmo. I found the book Brigman’s Life Drawing helpful – with the suggestion to think of the head/hands in terms of blocks stacked together…. You’ve done a great job!

    • Thanks, Sue. I used to get some practice through weekly life drawing back home in Scotland. I can’t attend a life class here in Pennsylvania but I need to find some way of practicing hands and feet and ears – all of which I find super difficult. Books and YouTube videos are helpful. I just need to borrow and watch them more frequently. It’s all about consistent practice translating into progress I think.

      • Yes, it’s all practice all the time – at least in my studio! Lol! “Facial Expressions” by Mark Simon has some great photos of ears, noses etc. – I often refer to that book between youTube videos – Lol! But yes, it’s all in the practice!

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